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Tyre Sampson Facebook and Instagram



Tyre Sampson Facebook and Instagram

What is Tyre Sampson Facebook and Instagram? What we know.

A 14-year-old ICON Park Orlando visitor who died after falling from the world’s biggest drop rollercoaster has been identified as Tyre Sampson.

Tyre Sampson of Missouri, who was visiting central Florida with a friend’s family, was identified by police.

Just after 11 p.m. local time on Thursday, police received reports of an emergency at ICON Park in Orlando, Florida.

The operator is seen interacting with riders before they lift off into the air, according to footage posted online.

The passengers soar hundreds of feet above the earth before crashing to the ground at a high rate.

A 14-year-old child died after falling off the ride and being brought to the hospital.

Tyre Sampson Facebook

The young kid is on Facebook. You can check out his profile Here.

Tyre Sampson Instagram

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