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‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Caller May Run For Office Says, ‘God put me in this position for a reason’



Jared Schmeck

Jared Schmeck, the man who told President Joe Biden, “Let’s go Brandon,” on a Christmas Eve phone call, has stated he’s thinking about running for politics, saying, “God put me in this position for a reason.”

Schmeck made the remark during an interview with Todd Starnes, a conservative Christian broadcaster. Starnes inquired if he intended to run for office. Newsweek reported.

“I want to pray about it, see what God has for me,” Schmeck replied. “At the end of the day, I want His will for my life and the direction that it goes.”

“I do feel like God put me in this position for a reason,” he continued. “And I strongly believe that standing up is the right thing to do here as long as that message that I’m portraying is glorifying His name. And yeah, I’ll see where it goes.”

On Christmas Eve, Schmeck made headlines when he called Vice President Joe Biden and First Lady as part of the North American Aerospace Defense Command’s (NORAD) Santa-tracker broadcast.

Schmeck maintained early on that he’s “not a Trumper,” implying that he’s a staunch supporter of Republican former President Donald Trump. However, he swiftly retracted his statement.

Schmeck appeared on former Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s War Room Pandemic podcast on Monday, wearing Trump’s iconic “Make America Great Again” hat.

“Donald Trump is my president and he should still be president right now,” Schmeck told Bannon. “The election was 100 percent stolen. I just want to make that clear.”

Schmeck was echoing Trump’s unfounded assertion that the 2020 election was “stolen” by a nationwide voter fraud scheme. There is no genuine proof to back up the assertion, according to Trump’s former attorney general, the director of US cybersecurity infrastructure, over 60 court cases, and statewide audits.

Schmeck told Bannon, “‘Let’s go Brandon’ is more than just ‘F Joe Biden.’ ‘Let’s go Brandon’ encompasses the entirety of our frustration with Joe Biden, the administration, the leftist mob, the cancel culture, the mainstream media.”

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