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Is Emmiol legit or scam? Know this ‘Honest Review’ before buying




Emmiol is a website that sells various clothing, health, and beauty products.

The website has mixed reviews. We will be sharing a short review of the website and its clothing material.

Is Emmiol legit or scam?

Emmiol is a legit website located in china, but there have been some complaints that their clothing looks very different in real life than it does in photos.

The clothing is not true to size, the quality of the items is poor and the delivery process takes time to complete.

Emmiol whois data

However, the website is quite old. According to Whois data, The domain was registered in 2019 but that doesn’t make it fully legit. There are lots of turnoffs.

The website has;

  • Bad refund policy
  • bad customer service
  • Items looked really cool in pictures but terrible when received

Also, on Trust pilot, the website has a 2.8/5 rating. That’s bad coming from a website that is quite old.

Wrap Up

We won’t call it a SCAM because there are positive reviews about the company in addition to negative reviews.

 It is not a buying recommendation. You should go to a reputable store if you find the product you are looking for.

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