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Is Pandabuy Legit or a Scam? HONEST review (Updated)



pandabuy website

We assume you have heard of Pandabuy and want to know if the company is legit or a scam before doing business with them. You’ve come to the right place.

We will be writing a review about the Pandabuy company and will be sharing all the details you need to know about the company.

Yeah, we’ve all been in that situation where you’re cautious to avoid being scammed or having your credit card information stolen by online shopping websites. Is Pandabuy this kind of site? Before we get started, let’s learn about the Panda Buy Company.

What is Panda buy?

Pandabuy app is an online shopping website that helps users buy products from China easily.

According to their website, The company says, “We offer purchasing, warehousing, and shipping services with 0 service fee, we have user-friendly features for you to manage your orders, view HD photos, and share with a simple one click”.

Is Pandabuy Legit or a Scam?

Following extensive research, we have concluded that Pandabuy is a legitimate website. We have some proof, which you can see below.

Pandabuy SSL Certificate

If a website has an SSL certificate, it is considered secure. This is a security protocol that ensures that information exchanged between a website and its users is encrypted, ensuring that no third party can intercept sensitive data such as credit card numbers. If a website is SSL certified, you’ll notice a “https” at the beginning of the URL rather than just “http.”

Pandabuy’s website, as seen above, has “https” at the beginning of the URL. Visit to see for yourself. To see the full URL address, double-click in the URL bar. If you see the padlock icon in your browser’s address bar, it’s also SSL certified. Pandabuy also displays the padlock icon, indicating that they are SSL certified.

Google Transparency Report Check for Pandabuy

Google’s Safe Browsing technology, which crawls billions of websites every day, helps to protect consumers. They give consumers free access to this technology by allowing them to check a website’s safe browsing status Here.

Pandabuy google transparency

If you check Pandabuy’s safe browsing status, you will see this:

Pandabuy website status, according to Google’s Transparency report, is “no unsafe content found.” This means that Google crawled Pandabuy’s website and found no evidence that it had been compromised. contained no potentially harmful content.

Pandabuy company name and address

Pandabuy company name is  PANDA (UK) TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED and the address CHASE BUSINESS CENTRE 39-41 CHASE SIDE LONDON UNITED KINGDOM N14 5BP is verified.

Pandabuy address

According to Credit Safe, Panda (Uk) Technology Co., Limited is a Private Limited With Share Capital that operates within the Agents involved in the sale of textiles, clothing, fur, footwear and leather goods industry. It was incorporated on 2022 and its headquarters are located at Chase Business Centre 39-41 Chase Side London N14. Panda (Uk) Technology Co., Limited is incorporated with the company number UK19925066.

Also, according to Endole, Panda (UK) Technology Co., Limited is an active company incorporated on 19 April 2022 with the registered office located in London, Greater London. Panda (UK) Technology Co., Limited has been running for 9 months. There is currently 1 active director and 1 active secretary according to the latest confirmation statement submitted on 19th April 2022. It has a company number 14052339.

Pandabuy domain age

Pandabuy has been in operation for some time. The domain was registered in April 2007 and will expire in 2025, according to whois.

Customer reviews

It is always a good idea to read or watch reviews of any website before making a purchase. Having available reviews on various review sites and YouTube is a great way to confirm if a website can be trusted. Pandabuy has many reviews on various websites. Here are some examples.

Pandabuy Review on TrustPilot

On Trustpilot, Pandabuy has a 3.7 rating. 61% of people had a good experience with the company while a few complained of high shipping fee. See some screenshots below.

Pandabuy Review on Youtube

How to Order and Ship items from Panda buy

Method 1:

You can place an order directly by searching the keywords of the goods.

Method 2:

You can also place an order by pasting taobao links.

Method 3:

You can also purchase goods by providin images. You can watch the video below to know to how to buy and ship items using Pandabuy.

Wrap Up

Yes, Pandabuy is a reliable and secure website. We understand that trying out a website, especially one where you are purchasing something, can be intimidating at times, but Pandabuy is 100% legitimate, safe, and NOT a scam.

We thoroughly examined the appearance, security, and ownership certifications of their website. We checked their address, company, address, customer reviews, and learned more about their corporate history to ensure their legitimacy. Finally, we looked over their payment options and security, as well as their privacy policy, return and refund policy, and contact information. All of these indicators point to a legitimate website and company, so you can shop with confidence on


How Long Does Pandabuy Take to Deliver?

Domestic delivery in China takes about 3-5 working days. For outside China, it should take 10-20 days.

How long does it take to get a refund from Pandabuy?

  1. When the order status is “Order pending”: Your payment will be immediately refunded to your Pandabuy balance.
  2. When the order status is “Order processing”: If Pandabuy haven’t purchased the items, they will cancel the order and refund to your Pandabuy balance within one working day.
  1. When the order status is “Purchased”: They will request for refunds from the seller. If the seller has not yet delivered the items, the corresponding money will be refunded to your Pandabuy account balance upon seller confirmation, which normally takes 3 days.
  2. When the order status is “Seller Sent”: If the seller uses fake tracking number and does not send out the items; you can visit user center → “Order” to click “aftersales” on the corresponding order. Pandabuy will then request for refunds from the seller. The corresponding money will be refunded to your Pandabuy account balance upon seller confirmation, which normally takes 7 days.
  3. When it’s 5 days after the order status turns ” Stored In Warehouse “: You can visit user center → “Order” to click “aftersales” on the corresponding order. Pandabuy will then request for return with the seller but they cannot guarantee for approval. With the seller’s approval, Panda buy will process the return as soon as possible. The returned parcel tracking number will be displayed in the corresponding order. After the seller receives the items and refunds the company, the system will automatically return money to your Pandabuy account balance. Generally speaking, this process takes 7-15 days and it depends on the time the seller spent in confirming the refund.

How much is shipping from Pandabuy

Know that different logistics providers have varying charging weight standards. You can click the estimation tab on the website to have an idea of the estimated shipping fee.

Why is pandabuy shipping so expensive?

Shipping is so expensive because you’re literally shipping your goods from China to your country, which is 1000s of kilometers away, and the difference is that the weight is obviously just what your goods include, including packing material weights and volume calculations.

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