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Is Soccer uniform kits legit or scam? Find out



Soccer uniform kits

Soccer uniform kits is an online website that sells different football jerseys. We will be writing a review of the website to show if it’s a legit or fake online store.

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Is Soccer uniform kits legit or a scam?

Soccer uniform kits is a scam website and their jersey are fakes.

They claim that “Our products are much cheaper than other retailers as we ship your product directly from the original manufacturers (Nike, Adidas, etc.).” but that’s a lie. The products are cheaper because they are low quality.

Soccer uniform kits whois record

Also, the website is quite new. It was registered in October 2021, but according to the Wayback Machine, it went into full operation in May 2022.

Additionally, their English is terrible (“How do I can change my order?”) and they mix different stock photos together. This is what you discover when you Google the US address that is listed on their website.

Soccer uniform kits address

They also have no social media handles and no details of the owner.

What to do

If you are concerned that you have given the website too much information, call your bank or credit card company and ask them what steps you can take to secure your account as a precaution.

Also, if you gave the online store access to your Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, or other similar accounts, contact the company and secure your account. Turn on two-factor authentication.

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