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List of scammer phone numbers 2022 (Updated)



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Phone scams cost people a lot of money, sometimes their entire life savings. Scammers have devised numerous methods for defrauding you over the phone. They appear friendly and helpful in some scams.

In others, they may threaten or scare you. A phone scammer will always attempt to obtain your money or personal information in order to commit identity theft. Don’t hand it over to them.

Common Phone Scams

Over the phone, any scam can occur. However, here are some common approaches used by phone scammers according to FTC.

Imposter scams

A scammer poses as someone you know and trust, such as a government agency such as the Social Security Administration or the IRS, a family member, a love interest, or someone claiming to be a computer technician. To persuade you, the scammer may even use a fake name or number on your caller ID.

Debt relief and credit repair

Scammers will offer to lower your credit card interest rates, repair your credit, or have your student loans forgiven in exchange for a fee. However, you risk losing your money and damaging your credit.

Business and investment

Callers may promise to assist you in starting your own business and provide business coaching, or they may guarantee large profits from an investment. Don’t believe everything they say. Learn about the FTC’s Business Opportunity Rule and talk to your state securities regulator about investment opportunities.

Charity scams

Scammers frequently pose as charities. Phone scams requesting donations for disaster relief efforts are especially common. Always research a charity before donating, and don’t feel obligated to give right away over the phone.

Loan scams

Loan scams include advance fee loan scams, in which scammers target people with bad credit and guarantee loans or credit cards in exchange for an upfront fee. Legitimate lenders do not make such guarantees, especially if you have bad credit, no credit, or have filed for bankruptcy.

Prize and lottery scams

In a typical prize scam, the caller will tell you that you have won a prize but that you must pay taxes, registration fees, or shipping charges to receive it. However, after you pay, you discover that there is no prize.

List of scammer phone numbers 2022

Check out the latest list of scammers’ phone number’s in 2022 below.

Scammer Phone NumberScam Details
+919798080924Refund Scammer Number
+18559170631Loan Scammer
14192505228Xfinity scammer
+18884815830Transaction issue scammer
+19293337130romance scammer
1888-726-5212Crypto Tech Support Scammer 1
1805-633-1843Crypto Tech Support Scammer 2
1716-261-1434Crypto Tech Support Scammer 3
1805-521-4320Crypto Tech Support Scammer 4
1888-343-8950Crypto Tech Support Scammer 5
1833-824-1292Crypto Tech Support Scammer 6
1888‒570‒7037Crypto Tech Support Scammer 7
888 539 1087Paypal scammer
888-839-1828Norton refund scammer
888-674-5540Geek Squad Refund
786-304-2904Amazon fraud department
508) 570-0935PCH Scammer
1-888-616-4711Paypal Phishing fraud
877-828-2412Facebook Support Scam
7867889004Amazon Tech Support Scam
(815)507-8325Student loans scammer
447841653938Apple Pay Scammer
+18559170631Loan Scam
scammer phone numbers 2022

This table is always updated, be on the lookout.

How To Stop Calls From Scammers

There are several ways to avoid scam calls, but the best is to hang up and consider call blocking or call labeling.

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