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Andrew Tate ‘Top G’ Meaning



Top G

Are you being called Top G by your pals, or have you heard people calling a celebrity (Andrew Tate) Top G, and you’re asking “what does the name mean?” Continue reading for more information.

Keeping up with social media terminology can be difficult at times, especially with the constant growth of new acronyms on the internet. Top G is a popular term right now, used by former kickboxer Andrew Tate.

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Tate followers chanted “Top G” during a brief outdoor gathering in a recent Instagram video.

Top G means Boss, A Don, The Head, Kingpin, The Number One, The Big Cheese, The Top Dog, or The Bigwig.

Example 1:

  • I got a call from Chris
  • Do you mean the Top G?

Example 2:

  • The Top G of the hood was arrested yesterday
  • Yeah, I heard the police raided his house.

Example 3:

  • Andrew Tate just dropped a new course.
  • You mean the Top G? I will go check it out

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