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Dedrick Causey: Barber shot dead in a shop on South Side



Dedrick Causey Barber

A young barber Dedrick Causey was shot dead Tuesday afternoon.

One of the men drew a gun and fired a shot. Customers ducked and scrambled inside the shop at 411 E. 71st Street when Dedrick Causey collapsed.

One of the shots struck the gunman’s companion. With a wound to his neck, he stumbled out into the alley and died. Causey, 24, died of several gunshot wounds hours later.

“We had little kids in there,” said shop owner Romel Collins. “I was cutting a boy’s hair, he must have been 12. Everybody hit the deck and they ambushed him.

“I feel like I lost a son,” Collins added.

Chicago police did not offer any motive for the attack, which occurred around 5 p.m. along a busy commercial strip in the Park Manor neighborhood. The gunman remains at large.

“It looked like they were targeting him,” Collins said, though he knew of no reason why anyone would want to kill Causey.

“He was a church-going kid. All he talked about was God,” he said. “He didn’t gang bang. He didn’t do none of that.”

 Dedrick was a popular well-liked barber

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