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Ryan Domingue: Kaplan Police Officer Is Fired For Soliciting Sex From A Juvenile



Ryan Domingue

A Kaplan police officer has been fired on charges related to ‘malfeasance in office (sexual conduct)’.

Chief Hardy confirms an anonymous tip led to an investigation, then eventually the arrest of then Kaplan Police Officer Ryan Domingue.

“It was determined that he was speaking to a juvenile and also soliciting as well.”

Chief Hardy says police already have challenges in terms of public trust.

“We’re trying to do good for the public, and this puts a black eye on us; making the public not trust us,” Hardy added.

The chief says all he can do is push through this and work towards earning the public’s trust. WGNO reported.

According to the Kaplan Police Department, Dominque was arrested on charges of malfeasance in office (sexual conduct), indecent acts with a juvenile, and solicitation for prostitution.

Hardy states that arresting an officer is difficult.

“Especially when its a police officer because we are held to higher standards.  When one person does it, it affects the whole department; it doesn’t affect just one person.”

The chief says Domingue was employed a couple of months before he was terminated.  

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