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Is your Sugar Daddy sending you check through email?



Sugar Daddy check
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Do you intend to receive payment from your sugar daddy, and has he sent you a check via email? That’s a red flag.

Check scam is one of the most common online scams.

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How Does It Work?

When your sugar daddy sends you a check through email, he will tell you to deposit the check via your personal checking bank account (Chase, Chime, Wellsfargo, Credit Union, and others) mobile app. This is also known as a mobile deposit.

Note that the check that will be sent to you via email is a fake picture check.

If this goes through, he will tell you to send the money to him via wire transfer, bitcoin, cash app, or other methods.

When you send the money, he disappears into thin air.

Bank and Checks

Banks are required by law to make deposited funds available as soon as possible, usually within two days.

The bank may say the check has “cleared” when the funds are made available in your account, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good check. Fake checks can take weeks to detect and untangle. By that point, the scammer has your money, and you’re stuck paying it back to the bank.

Do This

When you receive a fake check, ignore and block the scammer. You can also report to the authorities.

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