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Ethan Klein NRA Convention Bombing Statement Got Twitter Reacting



Ethan Klein NRA bomb

Ethan Klein, a YouTuber, has called for the NRA conference in Texas to be bombed. This has generated a number of comments on Twitter.

“Saw there was a big protest outside the NRA meeting which was good,” Klein said. “Do we have any insight into what they’re actually talking about there at the NRA meeting that’s today in Texas? Someone should bomb that building.”

Klein shared the video with his 2.96 million subscribers on Youtube.

His calls for violence don’t stop with the bombing plan. Klein urged his followers to confront NRA sympathizers and Republicans in a physical fight.

He added: “More people need to be getting loud, more people need to be getting angry, getting in people’s f*cking faces,”

Klein went on to call for more violence against Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who is disabled, adding, “I hope that someone puts a stick in his f*cking wheelchair and he tumbles out of his seat…send Abbott down a hill with nobody to hold the back of his wheelchair.”

Klein prefaced his appeals for violence by advertising the sale of his new “END GUN VIOLENCE” t-shirts.

However, some people are getting the video reported and asking for it to be pulled down.

Klein’s video breaks several YouTube community guidelines, including hate speech against disabled people, encouragement to violence, and harmful or dangerous content standards.

Many YouTubers have been banned or demonetized for far less egregious infractions of YouTube’s restrictions, but Klein has been accused of special treatment by the platform.

Watch the full clip below:

Twitter Reactions

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