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Halloween ideas: Zombie attack at Ravenswood Manor House



Zombie attack halloween house

People in Albany Park and Ravenswood Manor are gushing about a property near Richmond Street and Wilson Avenue that has a full-scale zombie attack themed for Halloween.

“For Halloween 2019, we wanted to make a new display that involved a group of creatures interacting with the environment. As a fan of zombie movies and shows, the choice was obvious.” The creator wrote on the website.

Kevin enlisted the help of his Chicago pals and his Virginia mother as models for the plastic wrap and duck tape project.

Image: funtitledworkshopcom

“The forms were carefully cut off, the seams were taped up and the tops and bottoms were attached.” The creator said. “The forms were then stuffed and finished with old wigs, dirtied/dyes clothes, and internal wooden supports to preserve their poses for the month-long display.”

Image: funtitledworkshopcom

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