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When is New York $15,600 illegal immigrant benefit application starting?



New York plan to give up to $15,600 and $3,200 to illegal migrants who were affected by Covid and the good news is the benefit application will be starting soon.

New york/Leonardo Burgos

With a total of $2.1bn, the state will be making one-time payments to undocumented migrants who lost their work during the coronavirus outbreak.

Who are those eligible for New York $15,600 benefit?

Illegal immigrant who can prove they are New York state residents, lost income during the pandemic and are ineligible for unemployment benefits due to their immigration status will receive $15,600 while those who are unable to meet the same level of verification will be eligible for $3,200.

You also must have:

  • earned less than $26,208 total in the past year
  • lived in NY before March 27, 2020
  • and have lost part or all of your income after February 2020 because of COVID

300,000 undocumented New Yorkers are  estimated to benefit from the Excluded Workers Fund.

When is NY illegal immigrant benefit application starting?

It hasn’t been decided.

Due to a bill incorporated into the legislation to combat “fraud and misuse,” the state Department of Labor must devise a process for administering the grants, which must be approved by state Attorney General Letitia James before any money is disbursed.

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