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NY attorney general to take Trump’s to court, enforce their subpoenas and testimony



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Trump will be taken to court today by New York Attorney General Letitia James to enforce their subpoenas and COMPEL their testimony.

New York’s attorney general pounced on former President Donald Trump’s defense of the company’s financial records on Wednesday, claiming that Trump’s five-page statement made a day earlier contradicted his attorneys’ court filing. Reuters reported.

“It is not unusual for parties to a legal proceeding to disagree about the facts,” the attorney general’s office wrote in a letter filed in New York state court. “But it is truly rare for a party to publicly disagree with statements submitted by his own attorneys in a signed pleading — let alone one day after the pleading was filed.”

Attorney General Letitia James is investigating whether the Trumps overstated real estate prices in order to acquire bank loans and decreased valuations in order to cut tax obligations.

Trump’s lawyers frequently claimed that he lacked the expertise to react to claims of inflated appraisals. However, the former president’s five-page statement went into great detail regarding potential inconsistencies, hinting that he knew more than his attorneys did.

The attorney general’s office made public a Feb. 9 letter from Trump’s longtime accountant, Mazars, in which it stated that the Trump Organization’s financial statements for 2011 through 2020 should no longer be relied on and that it would no longer do work for the former president’s New York-based real estate firm.

“Remember when the attorney general and or District Attorney say they think my financial statements may be high, I don’t even include these branding numbers in them, which is far more than any discrepancy they may have,” Trump wrote.

On Tuesday, Trump released a five-page statement in which he slammed the attorney general and other New York authorities, calling the inquiry a political and racist witch hunt, alleging Mazars had been forced to leave, and defending the financial statements.

In place of the “sham investigation” into his company, Trump suggested that law enforcement and the “fake news media” investigate into former U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, as well as “murderers, drug dealers, and rapists” in another section of the five-page screed.

Trump, via his attorneys, denied having knowledge or information to create a belief about the claims in a court filing on Monday in response to the attorney general’s charges of falsifying financial statements.

As part of her civil investigation into the company’s business operations, the attorney general is seeking testimony from Trump and two of his adult children, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump.

On Thursday, Justice Arthur Engoron of the New York state court in Manhattan will hear arguments over whether or not the testimony subpoenas should be executed.

The Manhattan District Attorney is prosecuting a separate but related criminal prosecution regarding the company’s business activities, which the attorney general joined in May.

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