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‘He’s making a big mistake’ – Trump attacks Boris Johnson over wind turbines investment



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Boris Johnson has been told by Donald Trump that supporting “ridiculous” wind turbines to boost the UK’s goal to a net-zero carbon economy is a “big mistake.”

The former US president stated that he still liked British Prime Minister David Cameron, but believed he was incorrect in his support for renewable wind energy.

Trump, in an interview with former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, said the UK was destroying its landscape by permitting the turbines to be installed.

“He’s wrong, Boris is wrong if he’s going heavy into wind,” Trump said. “He’s making a big mistake.”

The former White House incumbent labelled wind power the “most expensive form of energy”. In comments made in Florida on Monday and due to be aired this week, Trump said: “I think wind is, I think it’s ridiculous.”

“Remember, every 10 years, you have to replace those monsters,” he added, referring to wind turbines. “And a lot of times they don’t bother. You know what they do? They just let them rot. They kill all the birds, they are so bad.”

Despite the criticism, Mr Trump, who was defeated in last year’s presidential race by Joe Biden, said he liked Prime Minister May and that she had grown “more liberal.”

“I like him. I get along with him. I’ve always gotten along with him,” Trump said. “He’s gone a little bit on the more liberal side.

“But I’ll tell you with energy, I’m surprised that he would allow that to happen because you have one of the most beautiful countries in the world.” He said. “And you’re destroying it with all these wind turbines all over the place.”

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