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Trump claims China stole hypersonic missile technology from U.S during Obama Administration [Watch]



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Donald Trump claimed that China’s hypersonic missile, whose launch astonished the White House, was built using technology stolen from the United States through Russia.

“You know, somebody gave them, during the Obama Administration, everything we had on hypersonic.” The former president said on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show on Wednesday.

“And Russia did it, and what I did is a catch-up program. And we’ve largely caught up. But what happened is Russia got it and China got it perhaps from Russia.”

‘I doubt they did it themselves,’ he said. ‘They got it perhaps from Russia, maybe from some bad spy in the United States.’ 

Watch the video below:

In September 2020, months before the July 2021 launch by China, the White House had admitted the US was trying to catch-up with China and Russia with hypersonic technology. 

In July China carried out a hypersonic weapon test with a missile fired at five times the speed of sound.

The hypersonic glide vehicle – a spacecraft with the ability to carry a nuclear warhead – fired a missile mid-flight over the South China Sea, catching Pentagon scientists unawares. 

Experts at Darpa – the Pentagon’s advanced research agency were baffled at how China was able to defy the constraints of physics to fire a weapon from the vehicle travelling at hypersonic speed, the Financial Times reports. 

China has reportedly been working on hypersonic weapons instead of the usual intercontinental ballistic missiles, which travel in a predictable arc and can be tracked by radars, according to CBS. 

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