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Poland Woman kicked off plane for insulting Trump supporter



Poland Woman trump supporter

A Poland woman alongside her husband was kicked off of a flight from Baltimore to Seattle after she insulted a trump supporter.

“You pretend you have the moral high ground but you put that man’s finger on the nuclear button,” the unidentified woman said after a flight attendant left to get security.

“That man doesn’t believe in climate change,” she said, referring to President Trump, and using air quotes to frame the word “believe.” “Do you believe in gravity? Did you know gravity is just a theory?”

After an airline staffer tried taking the woman off the plane she refused. “No. I paid for this seat and I’m sitting in it,” she said. “He is in my space.”

“I’m going home now. My mother-in-law, his mother, died We have to be there… I’m going home now,” she said. “There’s no way I’m getting off this plane … My husband lost his mother. Have some respect.”

Her husband was sitting next to her.

The woman later said she was going to be quiet but the airline staffer said she will not be allowed. “The captain has decided it was too late.”

The police had to intervene and she was forced to comply. The crowd cheered “USA” as she left.

The video which was first shared in 2017, resurfaced on Twitter. It has gotten over 1.8 million views.

The video has also sparked several reactions.

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