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Toddler, Jasper Wu, killed by stray bullet in Oakland



Jasper Wu

While sitting in the backseat of his mother’s car, 23-month-old Jasper Wu was likely murdered by a stray bullet.

Jasper was likely killed by a stray bullet on Interstate 880 in Oakland while sitting in the backseat of his mother’s car. According to The CHP.

There is shock and sadness about an innocent life lost across the Bay Area, while police search for suspects. ABC7 reported.

“It’s just so devastating, so sad,” said Lucy Tovar.

Relatives say the 23-month-old was asleep in his car seat riding in his mother’s white Lexus when the car was struck by gunfire Saturday afternoon.

Little Jasper was rushed to Oakland Children’s Hospital, suffering from a head wound where he died from his injuries.

Dashcam video taken after the shooting shows police on the freeway investigating the chaotic scene.

“We heard it was a shooting, an hour later we heard a child was involved; it’s just heartbreaking,” said Mike, a motorist.

The CHP says the child was likely caught in the crossfire of a freeway gunfight, saying in a statement:

“Evidence collected on the northbound side of the freeway may indicate the victims were not targeted and the child passenger was struck by a stray bullet.”

The family was too upset to be interviewed but told us off-camera, they want those responsible to surrender.

Oakland City Council member Noel Gallo was outraged over an innocent life lost.

“The reality is, this is insanity. I see it every day, gang activity has risen, especially when it comes to little ones, someone’s family member, it’s unacceptable,” said Gallo.

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