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Trump supporter & anti-masker Ethan Schmidt fined for pulling mask off a store worker



Ethan Schmidt

An anti-mask crusader and Trump supporter was fined $530 for pulling the mask off a Native American convenience store worker on a reservation.

“There is no mandate for a mask, your policy does not supersede the law?” Ethan Schmidt asked. “That’s disgusting behaviour”.

Ethan records himself harassing people and store workers protecting themselves from COVID.

This is not the first time

Schmidt enjoys confronting people on the street and in businesses about wearing masks, then posting the results. He once went into a wig shop to confront cancer patients for not complying with mask laws.

He’s 23 and was banned from social media networks after it was discovered that he was disseminating incorrect information regarding the coronavirus.

Wig shop – Schmidt’s tape begins with two women behind the desk and a third customer with a young child standing in front of it. All of the adults are masked, and one of the staff tells him that if he doesn’t wear a mask, they “have the right to reject service,” which is correct.

“Well, that’s called discrimination. So, you guys really want to be blasted on the internet?” he asks. “Because I’ll put your phone number and everything and you’ll get blasted. Otherwise, you can do the right thing and let me walk around right now.”

Despite their pleadings for him to remain back, Schmidt gets closer to them, and one of the women tries to explain that their shop caters to cancer patients undergoing chemo.

“I care about health so much that I go around telling people that masks don’t work,” he said.

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