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‘I’m a PROUD gun-owner, No Democrat Can takeaway my rights’ – GOP Ronny Jackson boast



Ronny Jackson

Ronny Jackson says he has a gun and won’t allow anyone to take his right.

“I’m a PROUD gun-owner. I won’t let Biden, Beto, or ANY Democrat takeaway my rights.” Ronny tweeted. “We will NEVER give up our firearms! #ComeAndTakeIt”.

There have been several reactions after his tweet. “Hopefully there will be sane gun control soon. Over 48 school shooting this year alone. Military assault rifles are not needed at all.” One wrote.

Another said, “Drinking and guns. Never a good outcome.”

A lady said, “Lol, Dr. Ronny, the phrase you’re looking for is take away. Takeaway means a key point or fact to be remembered.”

We could recall, Ethan Crumbley, 15, carried out the deadliest U.S. school shooting this year, the latest in a decades-long series of mass shootings at U.S. schools. His parents were arrested in connection with the slayings.

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