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Discord giveaway bot scam: Be careful




Discord is a massively popular platform for online communities, digital creators and businesses, and general socializing.

However, like any other social media platform, Discord is frequently targeted by cybercriminals in order to steal users’ personal information or money.

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Discord giveaway bot scam

Giveaways are pretty common on Discord, which is why scammers frequently create bogus versions in order to trick users into disclosing personal information.

Cybercriminals will create giveaway bots that will contact users automatically claiming that they have won a giveaway.

If you haven’t participated in any giveaway, be aware that this is almost certainly a scam. Even if you have recently entered a competition, you should exercise caution.

Scammers will usually then provide you with a link that claims to allow you to claim your prize. Such links will frequently take you to a page that will ask you for information in order to process your alleged win.

If the giveaway you’ve allegedly won is associated with a well-known company, try messaging them via their official Discord channel or another social media outlet to confirm whether you really have won, how you’ll be notified, and how the claiming process works. This should allow you to verify whether or not the message you received on Discord is genuine.

Also, Discord is full of phishing bots.

What are spam bots

Spam bots can create bogus accounts on message boards, social media platforms, messaging apps, and email hosting services.

They will sometimes try to disguise their actions as those of a legitimate user. Because creating a user account frequently only requires filling out a few fields (name, email address, etc.), attackers will program spam bots to automatically fill out these forms – a relatively simple task for a skilled programmer.

Some platforms use CAPTCHAs or other similar challenges to prevent bots from creating accounts, but these safeguards are not impenetrable.

Once spam bots have an account or other access to a platform, they will begin sending spam messages based on a set of rules predetermined (by the bot creator).

Some spam bots harvest email addresses or phone numbers to provide spammers with targets; they scan the web, scrape contact information, and save it to a database.

How to protect yourself from Discord scams

While completely protecting yourself from Discord scams can be difficult due to the wide variety of scams perpetrated by fraudsters, it is certainly possible and does not have to be more complicated than it needs to be.

Here are some simple but effective best practices to protect yourself from various types of Discord fraud attempts:

  • Enabling 2-factor authentication will help protect your account even if your credentials are compromised.
  • Avoid clicking on any suspicious links, especially those from unknown senders.
  • Do not share your discord account’s password with anyone.
  • Don’t install any suspicious or unknown software.
  • Avoid copying and pasting unfamiliar code.
  • Never share or even screen capture your authorization token in Discord

Wrap Up

Aside from the Discord giveaway bot scam, there are numerous other scams taking place on the platform. Be cautious and vigilant. Crypto scams, Fake NFT drops, Free Nitro scams, and other popular discord scams

Are you a victim of a discord scam? Share your experience below.

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