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Girl Stop Sister’s Job Interview After Finding Out What She Did



lady fighting over a man

A girl reportedly destroyed her sister’s job interview after she discovered she slept with her husband.

The video which was shared on Reddit has piled up several reactions. “I love this. Made me laugh out loud and scared the cat.” One said.

Another said: “That’s pretty rough. It makes me wonder how close they were or if it had happened before with previous relationships. If my wife and my brother slept together I would be devastated.”.

Another said: “If my brother slept with my wife then he is no longer my brother, I hope he dies regretful on his death bed and contemplating whether it was worth it losing a brother.”

“If I found out my brother and my wife were banging I’d dip out and hit the restart button. New state, new phone number, hell I might even go by my middle name.” One said.

Another said: “Betrayal hurts like nothing else, and this lady got a double dose. I feel bad for her. That kind of anger is hard to let go, and is never forgotten.”

Watch the video here.

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