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3 Simple Ways To Renew Your Car Registration in Pennsylvania



Have you been looking for ways to renew your car registration in Pennsylvania (PA), we have got you covered with these simple steps.

Car owners in the United States are required to register their cars with their state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or transportation department.

This is required when purchasing a vehicle, relocating to another state, or renewing your registration before it expires.

Registrations are used by states to establish car ownership and to give data for hunting down criminals or imposing taxes.

1. Pennsylvania Car Registration Online Renewal

If you have received a renewal notification, follow these steps to renew your Pennsylvania car registration online:

  • Go to the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles’ (DMV) car registration webpage.
  • Register for an Online Account
  • Enter the first eight digits of your vehicle’s title number, license plate number, odometer reading, driver’s license number, and proof of insurance.
  • Pay the sum displayed by the system.

2. Pennsylvania Car Registration in Person Renewal

If you have received a renewal notification, follow these steps to renew your Pennsylvania automobile registration in person.

  • Go to any DMV office in Pennsylvania.
  • Bring your registration renewal notice/application, or a completed Registration Request (form MV-14).
  • PA registration renewal costs are paid.

3. Pennsylvania Car Registration Mail Renewal

The following are the processes for renewing your Pennsylvania car registration via mail.

  • Applicants must simply send the renewal notice they got in the mail, along with the necessary money and documents, to the following address:
    • Bureau of Motor Vehicles, 1101 South Front Street. Harrisburg, PA 17104-2516.

If you did not get a renewal notice for your car registration renewal, you may obtain the appropriate paperwork here.

Mail-in registration renewal requests must be paid for using a check or money order since cash or credit/debit cards are not accepted over the mail.

Penalties for Not Registering Your Car

To legally drive the car, it must be registered.

If you are involved in an accident or are pulled over by police enforcement, you will be required to present your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and registration certificate. If you do not have a current registration certificate, you may be fined or have your car seized.

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GSS2 Stimulus Update: Chase, Wells Fargo Deposit Confirmed



GSS2 Stimulus payment on Wells Fargo and Chase

Some people using Chase and Wells Fargo bank account have started to receive their golden state (GSS2) Stimulus payment.

The first payment was made on August 27 and consisted of 354 million dollars divided among 600,000 payments. Some Californians are already receiving the next round of payments.

“GSS II deposited this morning. Wells Fargo checking in.” A reddit user wrote alongside a screenshot of his payment on his bank account.

“Chase confirmed,” Another Reddit user wrote with a picture of the payment on a Chase bank account.

GSS2 Stimulus delay

The state of California have warned that some of the payments might be delayed as they “may need more review depending on the situation or information we have.”

“This could include address changes, bank account changes, etc,”.

Approximately two out of every three California residents are expected to receive a payment, with a total of $12 billion expected to be distributed to qualifying citizens. MARCA News reported.

These stimulus check payments are part of the state of California’s recently passed $100 billion budget, with governor Gavin Newsom claiming that the money is there to help those who have faced financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic.

The second round of these Golden State Stimulus payments is there to help low-income parents and self-employed workers.

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