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Houston man, Kwanmaine Boyd wanted for shooting girlfriend Cavanna Smith after she found out she was pregnant



Kwanmaine Boyd

Texas authorities are searching for a Houston man who shot his girlfriend to death days after she found out she was pregnant.

A warrant for capital murder was issued last week for Kwanmaine Boyd, 25, in the Oct. 6 killing of Cavanna Smith, 25, records filed in Harris County District Court show.

Smith’s body was found in the middle of the street north of downtown Houston after officers were dispatched to a report of a shooting just before 7 a.m., according to a probable cause affidavit.

Smith appeared to have been shot in the head.

Witnesses reported hearing a fight between a man and a woman, followed by a gunshot. After that, a white, older model Ford or Chevrolet pickup truck was observed exiting the area. The truck’s front right quarter panel was black.

According to the documents, investigators eventually discovered that minutes before the shooting, Smith texted a friend to let her know where she was in case anything happened to her. She wrote that “Kwan” had kidnapped her and was transporting her in the back of his truck.

“He got my money and don’t want to give it to me,” Smith explained to his friend.

According to the documents, investigators then discovered a white Chevrolet pickup truck registered to Boyd. The truck was parked at an abandoned house with a chain and lock around the front door, and the license plate had been removed.

Investigators also discovered a card on Smith’s dresser dated Oct. 3 and addressed to Boyd during a search of her house. “Kwan I know this isn’t what we expected but WE ARE expecting!!!” read a note inside, written in black Sharpie.

Smith underwent an ultrasound on Oct. 5, according to the paperwork, which was given to detectives by a nurse from a local clinic. She was four and a half weeks pregnant, according to the nurse.

Boyd was identified as a suspect in this case after further investigation, and he was charged on November 9 for his role in Smith’s death.

Boyd is still on the loose.

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