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UPS Driver Kidnapped in Atlanta, Tied up



UPS Driver kidnapped

A UPS driver was kidnapped in Atlanta at gunpoint and forced to drive to an abandoned lot early Tuesday morning.

Investigators say that a suspect approached a UPS truck that was leaving a UPS facility near Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway around 3:30 a.m.

After gaining entry to the vehicle, the suspect ordered the UPS driver to drive down a dirt road to an abandoned lot nearby. When they arrived, the gang tied up the driver and took goods from the truck before fleeing the scene.

“At least one suspect got in his truck, held him at gunpoint and gave him some directions to drive around the area,” police said. “They drove to the back of the lot, where they unloaded the contents on the back of the truck and loaded it onto their own truck that had been there waiting.”

When Atlanta police arrived at the scene about 9:15 a.m., they discovered the truck. After it was reported that the truck was late, the company had to track it down in the region. The driver was still in the truck’s trailer when police arrived.

There have been no reported injuries. No information about a probable suspect has been shared by the police.

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