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25 Short Funny Tinder Bios For Guys



Tinder Bios

To get a good wipe you will need a nice tinder bio. However, check out these 25 short funny Tinder bios for guys.

Tinder is prominent social networking and dating app. More than 55 billion users have signed up for the free service, which is aiming to develop a relationship and communicate with new people. After you’ve subscribed and verified your photo, the next and most important step is to write outstanding and hilarious Tinder profiles.

Without a doubt, the most successful Tinder bios receive the most swipes. It’s typical to come across some humorous profiles from some guys when reading around the site. Check out these funny tinder Bios below.

Short Funny Tinder Bios For Guys

  1. Don’t worry; if I take your breath away, I can do CPR.
  2. It was love at first sight.
  3. My height is 5 feet and 10 inches.
  4. 69 percent of gentlemen, 31% of ladies…… You’ll discover the truth.
  5. There’s a glass of wine and a steak waiting for you.
  6. Whiskey soup is my favorite soup. Fine, Optimus.
  7. Material for a boyfriend. There are just two days remaining to take advantage of this offer.
  8. I come to you with nothing, but together we can do anything.
  9. I can tell you’re blushing since you seen my profile. Swipe-right.
  10. I was surprised to find myself on Tinder.
  11. This is an excellent bio.
  12. Swipe right, I dare you.
  13. I’m looking for my lovely princess.
  14. I’m immersed in my fantasy world.
  15. Don’t marry me, but at the very least, bring me home.
  16. I’m only for you.
  17. Please. Make me your ex-boyfriend.
  18. This isn’t your typical dream boy.
  19. Your upcoming boyfriend.
  20. I enjoy traveling. I’ve traveled the world twice.
  21. I’m not claiming I’m flawless, but it’s your responsibility if you have an issue with me.
  22. I prefer my cheese grilled or fried.
  23. If we come together, we’ll be able to do a lot.
  24. Let’s see what happens if we have some fun!
  25. Listening to music or watching Netflix are two of my favorite pastimes.

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