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Felicia Jones: Pregnant Florida woman found dead in Jacksonville park



Felicia Jones has been identified as the pregnant found dead in Jacksonville park.

felicia jones jacksonville florida

Felicia, 21, was found dead in Jacksonville’s Riverview Park at 6:30 a.m. Saturday after a person who was out walking stumbled across her remains and called 911.

Police are investigating Jones passing as a “suspicious death with foul play suspected,” police said.

Jones’ family revealed she was nine months pregnant and due to give birth on October 8 after identifying her body.

“Her baby was expected. We wanted this baby. I was super excited about my nephew. All of that has been taken away from us. We’re distraught right now,” her aunt Angelica Williams said.

“We’re not taking it well right now. We want answers. We want to know why. We don’t understand who would do such a disgusting crime. It’s sickening.”

Felicia Jones husband and father of the child was not disclosed by the family.

Jones’ cause of death has not yet been confirmed.

Felicia Jones Gofundme

A gofundme account was created for Felicia and her unborn baby Ma’kailand. The fundraiser has raised $11,545 at the time of this report.

“Our family took a major loss we lost my niece and nephew.” The gofundme read. “This is a unexpected tragedy for our family and can’t believe we lost Felicia and her unborn child. He was set to be here in just two weeks.”

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