Woman creates gofundme after exhausting PPP loan, makes over $3k in 24hrs

“Help me pay back the PPP loan” I.G model Lakeisha Golden says after using up PPP loan.

A woman who is allegedly an Instagram (IG) model has gone on GoFundMe to ask for help after she collected a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan and she was unable to pay up.

“I got 20k ppp loan now the feds after me plz help I can’t do jail!! I got 3 kids dat need me!!!” Lakeisha wrote on the online fundraising platform.

Is the gofundme ppp loan a scam or legit?

Social media users are wondering if the PPP gofundme created by the I.G model is really true after she was able to raise over $3,500 in 24 hours.

I wouldn’t donate not one penny to that girl. She gone mess around and have 2 fraud charges to her name.” A lady said.

Another added: “I have so many questions.. the biggest one being, how did she scam them writing like that?

A man said: “I’d guess a friend “helped” her with it, probably suggesting it as this easy way to get free money. This friend likely helped her fill out her application.

Another wrote: “Hows she gonna ask for 20k and not even write correctly or give a good amount of explanation tf its her fault shes an idiot“.

A man added: “I really have no clue about the process, but could be similar to that YouTuber who claimed he was a business and took out the loan and bought cars and watches. They set themselves up as businesses for tax purposes – so on paper, she may look like a business but really she could be the only employee.

Another said: “Just had a look and so far 88 people have donated $3,463.00. Seriously what is wrong with people? Why would anyone in their right mind donate money to this person!

A woman said: “She could be a sex worker. She could have given the gofundme to her regulars. That may also be why she was set up as a business, they do that sometimes to ‘launder’ money.

Another said: “If I picked a random photo and just made a go fund me with some shit like “help me pay back a loan I’ve got kids” would that be how I get free money. It feels like free money. It feels too easy“.

A man added: “I actually support her in scamming the government but she has to face the music now“.

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is a loan intended to give small companies a direct incentive to keep their employees on the payroll.

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