Womply has sent a fraud warning email to all its users after the alarming increase in attempted Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) fraud. On Saturday, May 1st, The loan agent company told its users not to use their platform to commit fraud after they had received a large increase in the […]

Chime is rejecting some ppp loan deposit from Benworth Capital and it is making users worried. “I have Chime and my loan is thru benworth but chime sent my money back once it was deposited” A man said. Womply & Benworth Capital On March 10th, Womply announced an integrated partnership […]

Blue acorn plans to issue out prepaid cards to chime customers who got their funds rejected. The company on Facebook said they are bringing is prepaid card solution for those that do not have another banking option. “Chime customers that were rejected or in funding late March-4/10- your portal setup […]

Chime bank has recently been rejecting some ppp loan deposit and we know why. The American technology Neobank company said they were rejecting and returning PPP and SBA loans because the “Chime Spending account is only for personal use”. In a recent update, Chime said they were accepting some “direct deposits where the […]

A Reddit user who is an independent contractor narrates how capital one bank froze his bank account after he received his Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan. u/VacationMelodic wrote: “I’m an independent contractor through doordash/uber. I applied for and received the 9k grant and also a 3k PPP loan. It went […]

Some users who went through Blueacorn are trying to change their bank account information on their PPP loan application but it seems impossible. The whole issue started last week after some people got their PPP loan rejected by chime bank. This made users worried but when the Blue acorn company […]

Are you looking for 2021 fastest PPP lender as the application deadline has been extended to May 31, 2021? We have got you covered. Through reviews by several users who got their Paycheck Protection Program(PPP) application accepted and funded, we have been able to combine the best and fastest PPP […]

Some users who went through the small business loan agent company, Womply, have been complaining of having issues with their PPP loan application. Lender Funding (Womply) This is process when your lender is in the process of funding this application. You will obtain your loan through ACH transfer if the […]

The chime bank is beginning to accept Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan deposits for some members after a review. The Financial services company, Chime, said they will be accepting some PPP loan deposit after it has been subject to a review. “At this time, we’re accepting some PPP deposits for members, […]