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NYPD kicks out child for not having a vaccine passport



NYPD vaccine passport

There is a video going viral where the New York City Police Department (NYPD) allegedly kicked out a child and mother for not having a vaccine passport.

There have been several reactions on social media following the video. “While stores are getting looted and people are getting robbed in broad daylight cops rather act like #gestapos instead of fighting crime and keeping the streets safe” One said.

Another said, “NYC where eating without jab is a crime but carjacking, theft, setting Christmas trees, businesses on fire is peaceful protests, reparations and like Psaki said, “bEcAuSe cOviD” bleh.”

A lady said, “My blood is boiling. It’s the restaurant’s fault probably for calling the cops.”

Another wrote, “AGAAAIN!!! How many police officers does it take to kick 1 woman out?!?! Meanwhile looters run in & out with no concern of being stopped. Wake up America!!”

The video has gotten thousands of views.

In the video, the boy was in tears after he was told to leave the restaurant alongside his mom. “Wow, scaring a child, traumatizing a child, hope you feel good about yourself NYPD” a woman was heard saying in the background video. “This is disgusting, this is gross”.

“Disgraceful, you failed yourself NYPD”, The woman continued. “Is this what you signed up for, Is this what justice looks like for you… Is this what you dreamed of when you wanted to be a cop”.

“You guys failed us last night”, A man said in the video. “You failed”.

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