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Donald Trump’s NYC restaurant refuse anti-vaxxers without proof of Covid Vaccination



Trump NYC restaurant antivaxxers

Former President Donald Trump’s restaurant in New York City turned away a group of anti-vaxxers when they refused to show proof that they had gotten their COVID-19 jabs.

According to The U.K. Sun, video footage has already gone viral showing the group of protestors attempting to gain admission inside Trump Grill, which is housed within Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.

“We came to Trump Tower because we thought Donald Trump was supposed to be for America, he said he’s against vaccine mandates,” one of the men who was turned away said. “I thought as a man, who’s for America, he would stand up, pay a $1,000 fine, and let us eat freely – you know the man’s a billionaire, he can afford a $1,000 fine.”

“It would make him look good. But instead, he’s had his people not serve us and it just exposed him as a fraud,” he added. “All talk but no action.”

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