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“Being a Democrat Must be exhausting” – GOP Madison Cawthorn says



madison cawthorn wheelchair accident

Republican Madison Cawthorn shared a new tweet that is sparking reactions on Twitter.

“Being a Democrat must be exhausting.” He said. “Can you imagine living in the greatest country in the world & finding a new reason to hate it every day? Come on, man”.

Madison Cawthorn Sexual Allegations

However, Rep. Madison Cawthorn, the North Carolina Republican who campaigned by attacking Democrats and strongly supporting former President Donald Trump, was under scrutiny for renewed allegations that he sexually harassed classmates in college.

Cawthorn is accused of making women uncomfortable with sexual questions and touching them improperly, according to details revealed by BuzzFeed News and CNN.

After defeating the Trump-backed candidate in his area, the 25-year-old became the youngest person ever sworn into Congress and is considered a rising star in Republican politics.

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