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Cup Loan Program Legit or Scam? (How To Apply)

The Cup Loan Program Application is a scam. Learn more.



cup loan program

You’ve probably heard about the Cup Loan Program and wondering if the program application is legitimate or a scam. You’ve come to the right place.

We will be writing a review about the Cup Loan loan program and sharing all the details you need to know. Continue reading below.

What is a Cup Loan Program?

According to the video making rounds on Facebook, the Cup loan program is specifically designed to help people struggling to pay bills.

The payment can be used for home repairs, a new car, pay for a wedding, school tuition, and rent, the video claims.

It’s also claimed that you can borrow as much as $50,000 with no strings attached and qualifying will not affect your credit score.

Is the Cup Loan Program real and legit?

Sorry to tell you, but the Cup Loan Program is a scam, and there is no website for the cup loan program.

The application link is an affiliate link (as seen above) that will lead you to a website called, Amone. The AmOne company operates as a loan marketplace, matching borrowers with partner lenders based on their borrowing requirements.

However, if you have no idea about affiliate marketing, It involves referring a product or service by sharing it on a blog, social media platform, podcast, or website. The affiliate earns a commission each time someone makes a purchase through the unique affiliate link associated with their recommendation. 

The end result is usually a sale. However, some affiliate marketing programs can pay you for leads, free trial users, website clicks, or app downloads.

How the Cup Loan Program scam works

The people behind the page trick users into believing they can get up to $50,000 direct deposit into their bank account as quickly as 48 hours, which is a clear red flag.

plus american savings scam
Plus American Savings Cup Loan Program scam

The page then directs users to a website ( where they must select an option, as shown in the image below. If you select “Good,” you will be taken to the AmOne website; if you select “Bad,” you will be taken to the 5kfunds website.

Cup Loan page

The people behind the page earn a commission each time someone interacts with the link when trying to apply for a loan.

Note: When clicking links, be cautious. The consequences of clicking on a malicious link can be severe, including data theft, account compromise, and financial loss.

How to apply for the Cup Loan program?

You can’t apply for the Cup loan program, it’s a scam.

Wrap Up

The Cup Loan Program Application is a scam that should be avoided. Do you have any website or loan programs you want us to review? Kindly write us a message below or at ( We will do our best to respond to you as soon as possible.

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