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Does Wells Fargo accept Child Tax Credit Deposit?



child tax credit wells fargo

The Child Tax Credit (CTC) payment will be mailed out in the coming days, making this the third such check issued by the IRS. Can I get the deposit on my Wells Fargo bank account?

Child Tax Credit & Wells Fargo

Yes, Wells Fargo accepts Child Tax deposits.

The financial services company said they will make the funds available immediately when it’s been disbursed to them.

“This includes direct deposit payments from the U.S. Treasury, state and local governments. ” Wells Fargo said. “Some state and local governments have passed their own stimulus bills in addition to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. “.

The payment for this month will be issued on September 15. Because of the American Rescue Plan, which was enacted in March, advance payments will continue next month and through the end of the year.

Democratic lawmakers want to extend the advance credit until 2025.

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