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Is Turbotax Free Login Available? What We Know



Turbotax Free Login

Lots of people want to know if the Turbotax free login is available for users. However, we have compiled some answers to the questions.

Intuit, which owns Turbo Tax, said in July that it will no longer participate in the IRS’s Free File program. For many years, the firm provided free e-filing services and was listed on the IRS website.

“This decision will allow us to focus on further innovating in ways not allowable under the current Free File guidelines and to better serve the complete financial health of all Americans through all of our products and services, in tax preparation and beyond,” Intuit said.

Despite not participating in the IRS’s program, Turbo Tax offers a free file option on their website. There are restrictions on who may utilize its free service, and users who have previously used Turbo Tax’s free file service may be unable to do so this year.

Turbo Tax’s Free Services

The free Turbo Tax service is suitable for customers who are completing a basic tax return.

  • W-2 earnings
  • On a 1099-INT or 1099-DIV, there is a limit to the amount of interest and dividend income that can be reported.
  • Making a standard deduction claim
  • The EIC (Earned Income Tax Credit)
  • Tax credits for children
  • Student loan Interest deductions

“We are obsessed with helping millions of Americans looking to take charge of their finances so they can prosper. Intuit’s AI-driven expert platform makes it simple for consumers to make better financial decisions, helping them not only receive their maximum refund but empowering them by putting control in their hands so they can make smart money decisions and realize their financial dreams,” the company said.

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