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Did you receive a Paypal bitcoin invoice? It’s a scam

Ignore the Paypal bitcoin invoice that was sent to your email, it’s a scam.




There is a trending Paypal scam that is all over social media.

The fake Paypal bitcoin invoice was sent to random emails of users telling them to view and pay a $499.99 invoice.

Don’t click the button, it’s a scam.

“Hello, Invoice from Bitcoin Exchange”, The invoice read.

“Here’s your invoice,” the email shows. “Bitcoin Exchange sent you an invoice for $499.99 USD Due on receipt.”

Fake Paypal invoice

The seller note also reads; “You have successfully made a transaction for your Bitcoin (BTC) Using Paypal, you Charged the amount mentioned in the INVOICE. This transaction may take 12 hours to appear in your Bank Statement. Do give us a Call for any dispute regarding the Payment and issue a Refund at …”.

What To Do

This is a scam and should be disregarded.

Log in to your PayPal account directly using the official app or a trusted browser. Check your purchase history to ensure that you have not been billed fraudulently.

If you have been billed, you can report the fraud to PayPal’s Resolution Center.

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