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Can you track Textnow number & location?



textnow track

TextNow app number has been one of the most used Voice over IP (VOIP) numbers over the years, but can one really track the number and the location when it’s been used by an individual?

How Textnow app started

According to their website, TextNow has been bringing free phone service technology into the hands of consumers for over a decade, having been established in 2009 by two university students trying to save money on their phone bills.

The business began on a small table in a student house off campus.

In 2015, They added international calling to their platforms, allowing TextNow to be used in more than a dozen countries outside of the United States and Canada.

Can a Textnow be tracked?

It’s hard to track a person with his TextNow number but different tricks can be used to get the person’s information.

TextNow Number Lookup

A textnow number details can be checked through various reverse phone lookup tool but the results can’t be guranteed.

Many paid online TextNow number lookup applications are available that scan a user’s entire identity, including personal photos, home addresses, and social media accounts.

Textnow account information granted to Police

TextNow offers cops access to the account’s email address, first and last names, and IP address.

You can request information for an official investigation directly from TextNow if you are a qualified law enforcement officer.

IP address Tracker

You could send them a fake link.

You will get information about their IP address, location, and phone model if they click the link. Use the websites below:

  1. Grabify
  2. IP Logger

Note: You will only be able to reveal their exact location using this method if the individual isn’t using a VPN.

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