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TikToker finds “Candyman” secret room in her New York Apartment (video)



A Tiktok user Samantha Hartsoe found a secret room behind her bathroom wall and is reminding people of the 1992 horror flick Candyman.

Tiktok Samantha Hartsoe

Samantha went on Tiktok to share videos of a secret room she found in her bathroom after she felt cold air blowing on her. Before finding the “Candyman” secret room, she saw a small hole on the wall with cold air coming through it, she taped it up but the air keeps coming.

“You can see my hair blowing in the cold wind,” She said. The TikToker while searching for the source of the air in her bathroom, discovered the air was coming from the mirror.

What Tiktok Samantha Hartsoe Found at the back of her mirror

Samantha removed the mirror only to find a large hole — she however called some friends to come take a look before she removed the mirror and unveiled the secret room. “It’s just electrical”, A friend said. “Oh No No No, there is a room back there” Samantha replied.

The Tiktoker was curious to know what was in the secret room, so she decided to go check it out. “I need more answers” She said. “I have to go in and figure out what is on the other side of my bathroom”.

“Like what if someones living in there” She added.

Tiktok Samantha Hartsoe inside the “Candyman” secret room

Tiktok Samantha Hartsoe “Candyman” secret room

The Tiktoker was prepared and set to go in, she took a large hammer and tied a light to her head — she said a short prayer before she eventually went in.

What Tiktok Samantha Hartsoe Found in the Secret Room

The room was basically empty without any occupant — she found trash bags. “wow this a whole apartment” she said.

Samantha made it out of the secret room alive. She decided to give the landlord a phone call and probably cementing the mirror.

What Is Candyman Movie About?

Candyman is a 1992 American supernatural horror film.

The film follows a Chicago graduate student who was completing a thesis on urban legends and folklore which led her to the legend of the “Candyman”, the ghost of an artist and son of a slave who was murdered in the late 19th century for his relationship with the daughter of a wealthy white man. According to Wikipedia.

Twitter Reactions on candyman TikTok video

The Candyman Tiktok video has got Twitter reacting.

“Me watching that women climb through her apartment bathroom mirror on Tiktok knowing Candyman is on the other side.” A man wrote.

Another said: “This is why they always die in horror movies. Mind your business. Whatever TF Candyman is doing behind your mirror is none of your business.”

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