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Young Dolph Lamborghini Aventador giveaway winner is selling the ride at higher price



Jack Davila, a 23-year-old superfan in Dallas, Texas who won the Young Dolph Lamborghini Aventador giveaway is reportedly selling the car for $460,000.

In September 2020, The rapper organized a giveaway for his album release at that time. According to the rapper, fans who pre-ordered Rich Slave or purchased merch bundles from his webshop will be put into a contest.

Young Dolph used his Lamborghini as the grand prize.

After the end of the contest, The rapper made a trip to Dallas, Texas to personally deliver the $400,000 car to 23-year-old Jack Davila who emerged as the winner.

Jack Davila and Young Dolph

The happy mother went on Instagram to thank Young Dolph for the new car. “Today was an experience like no other, I felt surprised, nervous, shook, in plain disbelief all at the same time,” Jack said. “It never crossed my mind that I would actually be the winner and that YOUNG DOLPH himself would literally give me his car, his half a million-dollar car at that. “

She added: “This is a tremendous blessing for my family and I, I thank God for everything and hope one day I can be in the same position as Dolph to give to others.”

Jack Davila sells Young Dolph Lamborghini Aventador

In a fresh report, The 23-year-old is selling the Lamborghini at a higher price, $460,000. Young Dolph went on his Instagram to react to the news with the caption, “GET PAID”.

There have been several reactions following the report. “Buy a Tesla Family SUV and put the remaining 300k towards the property. An Aventador is nothing but problems for a regular citizen” One said. Another said: “They probably don’t have enough money to maintain the car”.

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