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How Immediate Edge is Making Trading Safer for All




Trading is risky, there’s no getting around that, but one company has taken advantage of new technology to mitigate some of that risk and make trading a little safer, even for newbies: Immediate Edge (

If you’re in tune with Fintech news, you’re probably aware that AI is beginning to make waves in this sector, as it has been in every other area of life. While some industries are pushing back, worried about quality, creativity, and job security, those in Fintech are in a unique position.

You see, artificial intelligence – or AI for short – is uniquely suited to adaptation for this industry. Good traders need to gather data on the market, after all, and AI can gather more data with far greater efficiency than any human being. Immediate Edge is one of the first, and most successful, companies to take advantage of this.

What is Immediate Edge? 

To put it simply, Immediate Edge is an online trading platform that offers AI automated trading services. This new service is disrupting the way we invest and trade, and that’s precisely the point. According to founder Edwin Jones, the point of Immediate Edge was to revolutionize the market – and AI is the perfect tool for this job.

They claim to have a 99% success rate in their automated trading algorithm. Considering how risky trading is for people, this figure may seem highly enticing… but is Immediate Edge really safe?

The first thing to know is that Immediate Edge offers both an AI assisted trading mode and a manual trading mode. If you choose the manual mode, you will be in total control of your trade and, as such, all of the risks present on all other trading platforms are in full effect. Their AI assisted mode does come with lower risks, however. This is partly because of the way in which it eliminates the potential for human error, but also because of the huge amounts of data that go into each automated trade.

Key Features of the Platform

So, what can you expect if you decide to use Immediate Edge? Their platform has most of the features you would expect from an online trading platform, but there are a few that are unique.

Firstly, there is the AI assisted trading mode, which uses an AI algorithm to track the market, assess risks, and make automated trades on your behalf. You can choose to use this mode after setting up, verifying, and funding your account.

Secondly, there is the demo mode, which allows you to practice trading using online credits rather than money. This feature offers a great opportunity to learn about trading and the markets without risking your capital. They also make it incredibly easy to withdraw your funds at any time.

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