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What Casino Games are the most popular?



Casino gaming has been enjoyed by people around the world for a very long time, first in land based casino venues and now remotely online too. Improvements in technology, internet availability and game choice has resulted in rapid growth of the online gambling industry in recent years.

There is now a huge range of game choices online and players can experience the joy of live casino gaming in a time and place that suits them. For new newcomers to online casinos, the huge range of games can make it difficult to know where to start.

Here, we take a look at the top games you will find online, how to play them and what you need to know to get the best experience from the game:


Slots are a game you will find in (almost) every brick and mortar casino and online site. They have similar rules, creative themes and are ridiculously fun to play. The fact that you do not need to develop an in depth strategy to win at slots or learn a complex set of rules means that slots are ideal for those that are fun to casino gaming.

To begin playing, select a slot game that interests you and take a minute to understand the symbols and features you will come across, such as wilds and scatter, so you know what to expect.

In most games, the player will need to press a button or pull a lever to spin the symbols on the display. The aim is to match up the symbols in order to win cash prizes and unlock bonus features.

Look out for special offers and opportunities to use free spins. If it is you first time playing, see if the game has a free demo mode you can explore before you wager your own cash.


Poker is perhaps one of the most well-known casino games around the world, it is believed to have originated hundreds of years ago, although historians cannot agree on its roots. It may have developed from a domino type card game enjoyed in China in the 10th century, or the Persian game As Nas in the 16th century.

There are a great number of poker variants players enjoy both online and offline today. Some of the most common include Texas hold ’em, Omaha, five card draw, seven card stud, three card poker and pai gow poker.

Poker is a game of both chance and skill, to be successful players need to develop their own winning strategy and learn the rules of the game. To get started with poker, seek out demo versions of games, watch video tutorials or play with experienced players that can mentor you.

When you become confident at the game you may wish to participate in poker tournaments, where you can win more substantial prizes. The most elite players become well known on the tournament circuit and even forge careers from playing the game.


If you are a fan of card games, then you will also like blackjack. Also known as ‘21’, this game requires players to try to acquire cards with the face value totaling as close to 21 as possible without going above that number.

Blackjack is easier for newer casino players to understand than poker as there are few rules and terms to remember.

There are different variations of blackjack, for example in the American variant the dealer gets their hole card before the player makes a decision regarding their own hand. Whereas, in European blackjack they do not get their hole card until the player has decided how to play their hand.


If you have ever visited a casino, you will likely have noticed a huge roulette wheel. In this game, a small ball is dropped onto a spinning wheel that has numbered compartments. The player must place a wager on where they think the ball will land.

The player will bet on certain outcomes, such as the ball landing on a certain number, a red or black pocket, odd or even number, or higher or lower number. Experienced players tend to develop their own strategy to improve their chances of success.


Lastly, baccarat is a popular but slightly less known casino card game. In baccarat, the basic concept is that the player must be on which hand (either the player’s or the dealer’s) will win.

The winning hand is the one that has the highest number of points. You can find this game on many online casinos as well as bricks and mortar venues. It is a good card game to start with for newer casino players.

There are a huge range of casino sites to explore with a fantastic selection of games. Try to make use of welcome offers and bonuses to get the most out of playing.

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