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Huge gaming industry trends




Over the past decade, technology has changed many aspects about the way we live. One of the industries that has been most impacted by technology is the gaming industry, which is projected to reach the value of US$365.60bn by the end of 2023.

From the we way consume games, to the way they are marketed to us, a lot has changed since the Snake was first released on the Nokia phone. Today’s consumers are a lot savvier on the type of spec they want from their console, how the game should perform, and how accessible it is to different groups of people, putting the pressure on developers to keep innovating their offerings.

One of the gaming experts that have utilised new technologies is online casinos, in which there are a multitude of online casinos today that people can access from all over the world. Sites like have utilised the latest available technologies and revamped their marketing strategies to appeal to a whole new global customer base.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at technologies and consumer trends that have impacted the gaming industry recently.

Increased gaming diversity

While the gaming industry used to be male dominated, things have shifted during the past decade, in which in many countries, more females now play video games than their male counterparts. In the US, 65% of females play mobile games at sites like On a worldwide scale, 48% of gamers are now female, indicating there is almost a 50/50 split; a drastic change in figures when compared to a decade ago.

One way the gaming industry has appealed to a wider target audience is by increasing the diversity of their games on offer. While the gaming industry used to be dominated by racing and action games that included a lot of strong imagery or scenes of violence, many of today’s video games are now puzzle and adventure based.

Online gaming sites like have appealed to a more female audience, in addition to more social games like online bingo or poker. Such games are accompanied by online leader boards and chat rooms where members can interact and share likeminded interests.

New gaming platforms

The way we consume games has changed dramatically in recent years. While it used to be the norm to play on a console and purchase a game on disk from the local gaming store, many of today’s gamers now access games on a subscription basis where they pay a monthly cost and access many titles, rather than purchasing single ones at one time.

In addition, gamers are able to stream these titles from cloud platforms like Google Stadia and EA Games, rather than downloading the content and having to create storage space on their device locally. This way, not only is it quicker to set the game up, there’s no worry about forgetting to save or losing the gaming content if something happens to the device you are playing on.

What’s more, being able to stream games from many devices means there’s no pressure to keep upgrading to the latest gaming console, making gaming technology much more affordable and therefore accessible to players across the globe.

New internet technology

For those old enough to remember the days of dial up internet, it was a huge limiting factor when it came to playing online games. The internet connection was less than reliable and would drop if another member of the household wanted to make a phone call. In addition, wifi was not widely available in public spaces and was not yet rolled out on a global scale.

Today, over 170 mobile operators offer 5G internet across the globe, opening new opportunities for mobile phone developers to create more innovative smartphones that are geared towards mobile gaming.

Today’s games can use a mobile device to access online games from anywhere and at any time of the day or night, whether that be on a remote beach on vacation, on the commute to work, or even at 2am from the sofa at home.

Virtual Reality

Playing games remotely sometimes isn’t as fun as being in a live venue where you can soak up the exciting atmosphere of the evening. This is especially true for Best online casinos in Canada games where players can make a full evening out of it, get dressed up and also go out for dinner while at the venue.

However, virtual reality is rapidly closing the gap between live gaming in a venue and remote gaming online. Virtual reality allows the player to limit the distractions of the outside world and surround themselves in the world of the game instead.

Overall, there are so many new technologies impacting the gaming industry currently that the face of gaming is constantly shifting and evolving. While we cannot predict what trends will be most popular and what will be old news in a few years, one thing is for sure that the industry will keep growing and evolving rapidly for years to come.

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