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Subway Worker Walks On Food For Clout, People react



Subway Worker Walks On Food

A subway worker was seen stepping on food in a viral video.

The video was shared on Reddit and has piled up massive reactions. “Food Tampering is a federal crime. The FDA doesn’t like it when people put their feet on food.” One said.

Another said: “I’m not sure what the goal was. Was this supposed to make him more popular…?”

Another said: “It’s funny because they do end up getting the high they wanted but soon it will die and they will realize how sad and stupid they are.”

Why was the Subway Worker Walking On Food

In a video shared on Youtube, The worker said he had to do this to get famous.

“This is going to ruin my reputation, my reputation is already bad and it’s getting harder and harder for me to get a job.” He said. “I’m just trying to open doors for myself.”

Before making the video, the Subway Worker said he was quitting Jumanne Way and had put in his 2 weeks notice. “I never wanted to do all of this,” He said. “I might have to deal with a lot of consequences behind all the actions I have made but I don’t want to do this.”

“Still struggling, sleeping on a floor bed,” The Worker said. “I can’t afford to quit my job and at the same time my job is not going to get me out of this situation right here so I don’t kinda need my job”.

“I need to find something that is more beneficial and that for me is been a content creator.”

However, The Worker seems to be getting the attention he wanted. In another video, he was seen putting food on the toilet.

“Subway would have a solid tort case against him. I’m sure this is costing them business..” One reacted. Another said: “I’m pretty sure it would be easy for the subway to identify him and he needs to go to jail for years. He f__ed around, he needs to find out now.”

The American multi-national fast food restaurant, Subway has not said anything about the video at the time of writing this.

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