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Trademark review Facebook scam: What you need to know



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There is a viral scam happening on Facebook called the Trademark Review Facebook scam and you need to be careful about this kind of scam.

Continue reading below to learn more about how the scam works.

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How Trademark review Facebook scam works

By pretending to be a reliable trademark review service on Facebook, this con preys on gullible people.

People who are interested in trademark registration receive friend requests from scammers who have created a page with a professional appearance. As soon as you agree to their request, they barrage you with messages touting a deal on their services.

They guarantee a quick and simple registration process while claiming to provide a thorough review of your trademark. However, as soon as you hand over the upfront payment, they vanish, depriving you of the service and refusing to issue a refund.

How to avoid the Trademark review Facebook scam

Watch out for common warning signs that could point to the Trademark Review Facebook Scam.

Receiving a message from someone posing as a representative of Facebook or a trademark organization is one red flag. These con artists frequently use official-sounding language and logos to make their communications seem authentic.

Being required to pay a fee up front for trademark registration or review services is another warning sign. Authentic trademark organizations typically bill for their services after they are finished.

Be wary if the message urges you to act right away by using language that is urgent or time-sensitive. These kinds of tricks are frequently employed by con artists to make you feel a sense of urgency and stop you from carefully investigating their legitimacy.

Wrap Up

These con artists employ a number of strategies to entice people into their traps.

One strategy they frequently employ is making fictitious Facebook pages that look like official trademark review pages. To give them a legitimate appearance, these pages will include logos, images, and even client testimonials.

They might also use strong language to persuade you to do something, like saying your trademark is in danger or that you need to protect it right away.

Additionally, con artists may send personalized emails or messages asking you to submit personal information or pay a fee for trademark review services while impersonating representatives from respectable companies.

Always exercise caution and skepticism when responding to unsolicited Facebook requests for trademark reviews.

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