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Caring Mother Dog Jumps Into Deep Floodwater To Save Her Puppy



dog saves puppy

Following excessive rains, the city of Meishan, in the Chinese province of Sichuan, experienced severe and devastating floods. The Min River, unable to endure the severe rains, burst its banks and inundated scores of homes throughout the city.

Animals were severely impacted by the floodwaters, in addition to the human devastation and destruction. This story’s protagonist is a homeless mother dog with her brood of puppies.

The stray mother and her pups were left with no time to respond as the water rose. The overflowing river swiftly overwhelmed their temporary shelter, trapping the family in the raging floodwaters.

Locals phoned the police after seeing the stranded family struggle in the swift waters. Thankfully, a caring neighbor raced to aid the stray and her puppies while police were on their way, bringing her and four of her puppies to safety.

The man had meant to return to get the fifth and last dog, but he was stopped by the responding police officer. The police stated that the man’s return to rescue the stranded puppy was too unsafe due to quickly rising water.

That’s when the mother dog, in an extraordinary show of maternal devotion and sacrifice, took it upon herself. She dashed to the water as soon as she realized one of her puppies was missing.

The mother dog eluded the police officer who attempted to prevent her from entering the perilous waters, and leaped into the surging seas without hesitation. She expertly maneuvered the floodwaters, allowing the strong current to push her downriver at one point in order to get to her kid as soon as possible.

Thankfully, the mother dog was able to locate her puppy, who was eagerly awaiting her arrival. Both mom and pup made it back to shore safely, where they were reunited with the rest of the family who had gathered in a nearby area of grass.

Witnesses captured this remarkable act on video and shared it online. The video went viral shortly.

The Mother Dog story happened in 2020, but it resurfaced on social media.

Watch the video below:

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