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“Liz Cheney is a Warmonger and not a republican”- Angry Trump says in new video



Trump Liz Cheney

Trump reacts after Liz Cheney said, “he was trying to hide obfuscate delay because the document released under the claim of executive privilege will be bad for him and potential presidential run”.

“Liz Cheney is down about 25 points in her district,” Trump said.

“She is losing to somebody that is going to be a great congresswoman and she is losing big.” He added. “She is losing so big because the people can’t stand her”.

The former president said Liz Cheney “wants to go to war with everybody and let everybody die as far as she is concerned. ” He added, “She’s a warmonger, She is a person who is absolutely, in my opinion, made a fool out of herself.”

“She is not a republican,” Trump said.

Watch the video below:

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