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Robert W Malone Twitter Account Suspended



Robert W Malone Twitter

Robert W Malone twitter account has been suspended.

Malone account was suspended earlier today. There have been several reactions following the suspension.

“I’m hearing @RWMaloneMD has had his account suspended for telling the most important truth in the world today.” One wrote.

Another said: “Well, its about to get interesting. Dr Robert Malone booted from Ze Twitter just before, wait for it, he will be on Rogan! @RobertWMalone on Telegram”.

Dr. Robert Malone has recently gained notoriety through alternative media channels, claiming to be the inventor of the RNA vaccine and making a slew of false claims.

He also suggested that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines might actually make COVID-19 infections worse.

Malone is a researcher. He co-authored the paper “Cationic liposome-mediated RNA transfection” in 1989. While his work on RNA transfection was significant, his claim to being the “creator” of RNA vaccinations is dubious at best.

Malone made a number of assertions about COVID-19 treatments and vaccines in a recent, extensive interview with the factually dubious Epoch Times. Many of these claims were deceptive rather than outright untrue; they occasionally contained a kernel of truth — a recurrent conundrum for fact-checkers.

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